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I am a pet owner, veterinary surgeon, and most importantly a person who cares deeply about animal health and welfare. I have worked in the animal health sector for 15 years, and am a highly experienced clinical vet. I have treated animals throughout the UK & Ireland, and also have worked in the corporate sector of the animal health industry. I am a trustee for a leading animal charity, and sit on working groups and steering committees to the Northern Ireland government animal welfare division. I have 3 pet dogs and am kept busy looking after their health also.

On 121with

I am delighted to be part of the 121 team. My main purpose here is to be available to all pet owners, listen to your concerns and worries, and provide reliable, non judgmental expert advise as to what you should do next. I firmly believe that, together, we can resolve your pet’s condition much more quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing you peace of mind. I look forward to hearing all about your pet queries so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Calls on 121with can range from a few minutes to get advice on a specific issue to longer duration sessions to talk through a more complicated issue or to get advice across a number of areas.

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Dr Tim Kirby

Clinical Veterinary Surgeon Belfast    


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