About Us

So, who are we, what do we do and how do we do it?

Well, 121with is a marketplace for people providing or seeking ‘know-how’ and a platform where that know-how can be delivered via live video.

We enable people to share or receive expertise via one-on-one sessions and enables direct and instant payments to be made to ‘Know-how Providers’ by those seeking their ‘expertise – namely, ’Know-how Seekers’.

For 121with, know-how is a universal term that embodies tutorials, knowledge, tips, urgent support, guidance or advice. Our platform enables people to share know-how on any topic or matter at a time and place suitable to both parties, via live video.

Know-how from experts, professionals and enthusiasts on any subject matter or for urgent problems, are all available through our easy-to-use platform. Simple.

The possibilities for know-how topics are infinite, and our Know-how Provider network is extensive and varied. From professionals in legal, financial and health fields, tutors for academic and professional exams, experts in digital marketing and PR, through to practical support from plumbers, chefs and interior designers. All professions, all walks of life.

Everyone has a skill-set

Everyone has knowledge. Gained through hobbies, experience, effort and circumstance, these life skills also have a place with 121with… our versatile platform that is also perfect for softer know-how matters, such as make-up lessons, creative writing, interview advice, violin lessons - and a thousand other topics.

We makes it possible to give and receive know-how interactively, from smartphones or computers with tablet functionality. Unlike generic and pre-recorded video tutorials on YouTube, 121with is exploiting the interactive and personalised benefits that live video delivers.

In turn, 121with enables know-how to be shared at a fraction of the cost to traditional routes.

For example, a plumber will usually charge a rounded-up hourly rate for a call out, yet often the problem is fixed in much less than an hour. If the issue is minor, advice and instructions can now be given via 121with to easily resolve the issue and will cost a fraction of a call-out fee. (1)

And through 121with, Know-how Providers and Know-how Seekers can hold meetings and save on productivity - and profitability. For example, when meetings are charged by supplier to client, 121with can reduce the actual, often ‘hidden’ costs incurred to each party. If the supplier can strip out the unnecessary overheads involved with face-to-face meetings, such as travel expenses and wasted travel time, and if the client can pay for just the time required (rather than ‘to the nearest hour’), then it’s a win-win for both.

And-video is always going to be better than a ‘dial in’ conference audio call - out of sight, out of mind?

We've done our homework…

Recent research (2) that shows travel costs and time spent on the road and in face-to-face meetings between supplier and client is costing UK companies a staggering £15,979 per head, every year. Ouch” Thus, UK businesses are potentially wasting £637,000 per annum on meetings with their suppliers. That’s a lot of money!

UK businesses spend over £510k on employees travel to meetings per annum. And nearly one in ten businesspeople spend a hefty £4,800 on travel to meetings every year. A 121with call could cost a few pounds by comparison with the time used efficiently and at the convenience of all parties.

121with also offers the opportunity for a whole new army of know-how providers who are experts in their chosen field but have never had the chance to share their knowledge on such an innovative stage before. Whether everyday practical or niche, there are a legion of talented folk out there who can advise on everything from simple plumbing solutions that could save fortunes, to academics and undiscovered genius.

Some interesting stats and figures

The Office for National Statistics (3) suggests the UK is well on the way to having 5 million people who work from home, 35.2% of who are professionals or associate professionals and a further 23.5% were working within skilled trades. This meant that almost three quarters (73.4%) of home workers were in some of the highest skilled roles in the economy.

Earnings for home workers reflect this concentration in high-skill roles, with an average £13.23 an hour earned compared with £10.50 an hour for other workers. The most common work for women based from home include childminding and care work.

Working from home is more prevalent among individuals who are older. For those aged 16 to 24 the home working rate stood at 5.1%, compared with 13.9% for all workers, while for those aged 65 and over, it was 38.3%.

121with can empower talent that others will benefit from – mothers, fathers, self-employed who work from home, retirees or anyone who has a wealth of experience and knowledge just waiting to be tapped into. The opportunities are endless to anyone imparting or receiving knowledge, for both business and personal reasons.

A recent survey commissioned by uSwitch (4) of 1,008 mothers, back up a series of opinion polls in recent years, all of which showed that a high proportion of new mothers would prefer to stay at home. The poll found that 75 per cent of new mothers said they would have stayed at home ‘if money was no object’.

Of those who did return to jobs, 55% said they did so because money was tight and 3% said they had to go back because pregnancy had left them in serious debt.

Video is king…

121with will enable anyone with professional or non-professional knowledge to ‘sell’ their expertise to consumers or businesses wanting such know-how - using video – and from a location of their choice.

Video has become crucial for small businesses and Business Advice (5) suggest: “One of the biggest content trends for 2017 that owners can easily use to engage with their customer base, while increasing traffic and driving sales, is live video for small business. Live video for small business is taking the world of content marketing by storm. In its first year, users of Periscope – the Twitter-owned live video feed – watched an average of 110 years of content every day.

Facebook users currently watch more than 100m hours of video combined, every day.

At 121with, experts will come under the ‘Know-how Provider’ umbrella and will be able to market themselves, connect with buyers and consumers or businesses in need of their expertise. Users wanting an answer or help on anything imaginable will be able to talk directly to an expert in the chosen field and will pay for the advice they give – but only for the time the call takes.

They will then be billed immediately and the expert they’ve just had a 121with will be paid directly into their bank account. There will be no time wasted by either party – the buyer will get expert advice directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak – no time-wasted and the call by either party – the buyer will get expert advice directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak – no time wasted and the caller can hang up at any point if they’re not satisfied.

Most current face-to-face meetings, call-outs appointments and lessons could easily be conducted via interactive video.

We're not talking here about static video 'tutorials' - the pre-recorded videos you see on YouTube and suchlike. We're talking about an interactive video call, where you can see and speak to each other as if you are in the same room. While there are some useful ‘how-to’ tutorials on YouTube, but they are not interactive and if there’s a question that is unanswered, it will lead to frustration and returning to square one.

Yet rather than having to take the time (and usually unpaid time) travelling, and rather than having to leave your office desk, place of study or home, 121with will provide a comprehensive marketplace of people with virtually any type of 'know-how' to share via interactive video.

Everyone needs help sometimes…

Most people need a coach or a mentor for some aspects of their lives but finding the one who fits your learning style, your schedule, your price point is hard. Traditional tutoring requires discovery, either by research or recommendation, scheduling suitable times via phone calls, texting or email and payment methods. Therefore, the traditional approach is very inefficient and dated. 121with mixes cutting edge technology with good old fashioned know-how and will change the way people work, meet and learn.