So, what’s a 121with Affiliate when it’s at home?

Glad you asked! The 121with aim is to become the biggest and best online digital platform for buying and selling know-how, but we need help to get there.

We came up with the idea of having Affiliates – bloggers, webmasters, agents, recruitment consultants, entrepreneurs and anyone who can help spread the word about what we do –  influencers to help spread the word and, in turn, we’ll pay for the privilege.

Your influence is just what we’re looking for to get the word out there and we are offering our first round of affiliates 5% commission on all income earned by any ‘Provider’ (someone selling their know-how and expertise) who joins 121with via your referral link. It’s unique to you and every referral that comes via you will be rewarded with a direct payment into your bank account each month.

All you need to do is sign up, create a referral link (it’s easy peasy), add your bank details, and start influencing – and the more referrals there are, the more you’ll earn.

Got it! But what exactly will I need to do?

See our video below that explains exactly how you can sign up and reap the rewards of being a 121with affiliate.

As an influencer, people sit up and listen to what you say –  something of a privileged position. Your audience can all earn money by becoming a 121with Provider. All you have to do is let them know about 121with, explain what we do in a way that best suits your audience and n turn, we’ll pay you for the introduction.  Yep, money for old rope! It goes without saying that the more referrals there are, the more you’ll earn (so why did we say it?)

The bigger your influence, the bigger that monthly payment will be.

Hmm… What’s the Catch?

You’re right – nobody gets something for nothing these days. Not really… right? Money for Nothing as Dire Straits once sang. And your cheques for free.

So, what’s our game? Well, actually, there isn’t one. No catch. No game. It’s quite simple – Affiliates will help us grow quickly and create awareness so you will be helping us get to where we need to go that much faster.

That’s it and that’s all – scouts honour!

Got It. OK, I’ll Give It a Go… What Next?

Glad to hear it. Time to move to the next stage – the sign up. It’s simple, quick and there’s no fuss. Your first task is to sign up as either a Seeker or Provider by clicking here.

Once registered, you’ll have your very own 121with homepage and by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then selecting ‘My Affiliates’ your referral link is automatically created and is all you need to start recruiting as an Affiliate – so make sure you include your bank details.

We pay out daily directly into your bank account (ker-ching!). All earnings are categorised by every Provider who signs up through your link.

We are continually adding new features to provide our Affiliates with the tools and marketing material that will enhance their experience working with us, recruitment and earning potential.

Anything Else?

Just a few bits and pieces. First off, remember, the more the merrier. Get more referrals, get more cash because every sign-up will earn you money –  there’s a sliding scale on our Affiliate page (insert link) that will explain what can earn and how everything works so take a look and see what you think.

But don’t just take our word – our Affiliate scheme is up and running and already earning people good money.

Let’s look at a few examples…

Louise’s story

One of our members – let’s call her Louise (because that’s actually her name) – is a math’s tutor.

Louise signed up with 121with as a Provider and set her rate at £1.00 per minute. 121with receives 20% of Louise’s earnings for using the platform and directing Seekers – those wishing to acquire math’s know-how – for live video chats.

Monthly Earnings

  • – Louise now receives on average 3 x 30-minute calls per day (90 mins per day)
  • – Louise earns approximately £2,160 per 30-day month.

Affiliate Earnings

  • – As a result, Louise became an Affiliate and got 45 of her friends to sign up.
  • – Each of the 45 referrals receive on average 300 minutes of calls per month.
  • – Louise gets 5% commission from the calls made by her 45 referrals and now earns £675 per month on autopilot!

Affiliate Calculator Example

See how much you could earn by using the Affiliate Earnings Calculator now.