Meetings. Who needs ’em? Well statistics suggest not that many people actually need them and they are costing businesses small fortune.Just as Uber is evolving the way the world moves, 121with will evolve the way people give and receive know-how.So, let’s cut to the quick. Most current face-to-face meetings, call-outs appointments and lessons could easily be conducted via interactive video.

There, we said it. We’re not talking here about static video ‘tutorials’ – the pre-recorded videos you see on YouTube and suchlike – they have their uses, it’s true, but they are limited and certainly not interactive. 121with only deal and host interactive video, where you can see and speak to each other as if you are in the same room. Yet rather than having to take the time (and usually unpaid time) travelling, and rather than having to leave your office desk, place of study or home, 121with will provide a comprehensive marketplace of people with virtually any type of ‘know-how’ to share via interactive video.

Did you know that research shows less than 60% of the working day is spent productively in offices and businesses throughout the land? Meetings about meetings – we all know about those, but what if you could trim an hour down to 30 minutes? Think of the money that could be saved – not to mention the precious time. 121with charge per minute, so if 30 is enough, why sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the clock to tick to the hour?

The upshot is time is money and if so much money is being wasted on wasted time, why are we letting it happen. Rethinking the whole meeting scenario could save your business a fortune and, get your staff to be more productive, have better time-management and generally perform better.

Think of it – no twiddling fingers in yet another painfully dragged out meeting. Just the business that really matters with the people who really need to be involved. Your staff will thank you for it and the benefits are legion. Some would call it a no-brainer. So, time to change, maybe?