Get Yourself Attention on the 121with Platform

OK, so you’ve got the know-how, but don’t know how to get the message out there?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’re going to tell you how to maximise your potential and increase your reach. It’s simple when you think about it – the bigger your audience the more people will want a 121with with you.

Refer to this e-guide regularly and you won’t go far wrong – so let’s get cracking!

Better by Design?

A logo says a lot about you and what you offer.

Fee Logo Creator

The better the logo, the more professional your offerings will look and give people greater confidence – particularly if your competitor(s) don’t have one or one that looks as though it’s been patched together in photoshop. That said, if you have any design talents, or any of your friends and family do, it will save you some money.

There are a number of free design logo websites so give them a look and see if you can create something acceptable yourself – Free Logo Design  ( does what it says on the tin but if you want to get something a little more bespoke, 99 designs ( offer a number of tiered options to suit all budgets.

Hit the Campaign Trail!

An email marketing campaign can work wonders for Brand You! We recommend Campaign Monitor ( as an excellent starting point.

Email Campaign

So, what can you do? Campaign Monitor offer a useful tutorial to help get you started and the process is simple enough. You can create an email template that you like and then it’s a straightforward step-by-step guide.

Using a mail service like this will save you time and give you the opportunity to push out notifications, newsletters and messaging.

Pricing starts £9.99 per month and will allow you to send up to 2,500 emails to 500 people.

Don’t be Socially Awkward!

Having a good social media presence inspires confidence in your potential clients – it shows awareness and good use of the tools at your disposal.

But social media takes time and if you’re preparing a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram post, Google+ or whatever, you might find it taking up to an hour of your day up. Hootsuite ( and Buffer ( are well worth a look.

Buffer & Hootsuite

The key is – even if you use a service that you can schedule on all your platforms in advance – engaging with your audience. If you post but don’t reply to messages, people will lose interest quickly. Be professional but have some fun – try and express your personality through social media. It’s worth the effort.


If you are promoting yourself, it’s nice to have images of what you do to accompany your marketing – for obvious reasons.

It’s all dependent on what you do, but if you can’t arrange a decent set of photos to illustrate what you do, the next best solution is to use free online stock images. A few good examples are which have more than 1.5m royalty free images while is another excellent source.

Stock Photos

Nothing beats a photo-shoot of your own, but not everyone will have the budget or time to arrange this.

Blog it!

If you’re not a blogger or don’t even know what a blog is, it’s time to learn. A blog is nothing more than a personal column, written conversationally and if you have a blog spot on your website, a page that is regularly updated.

You can let people know what you’re up to, keep them updated with anything new and get across your opinion or thoughts in a friendly, informal manner.

You can use free blog sites like to get you started, but if you’ve your own website that you regularly update, they are fairly simple to write and upload and well worth effort.

Wordpress Banner


If you don’t have a website, it may be time to create one. Don’t worry, compared with five years ago, the process is not as daunting as it seems and is fool proof. We can do no better than recommend one of the market leaders – Wix ( – to build your own personal, fully functional website.


And the good news is, pretty much everything we’ve already talked about above can be linked or incorporated to you site. If you have an old site that is need of updating, it might be worth creating a new one.

There are plenty of companies on the web who will do it for you don’t have the time or know-how, so don’t worry – there’s always a solution! Just have a good look around, get some quotes in and go for the one that suits your pocket.