Most people will never call on the services of an interior designer or interior design expert – not because they don’t want to, but because of the expense. Many assume it’s the exclusive preserve of the wealthy to afford such luxury – and going down traditional routes will reinforce that assumption, with many interior design experts charging rates Michelangelo would be happy with!

So, if you can’t afford Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, interior design for your home, is no more than a distant dream….Until now! There are plenty of people with an eye for design and a talent for making the ordinary spectacular, but without expert guidance and tips to fine tune the creativity, they are perhaps reluctance to get in amongst it – so to speak!

Have a 121with an Interior Design Expert

121with provides the ideal platform for those seeking advice to tap into the creative genius of a professional interior designer without the expert ever having to step in their property. Live video can show each and every room in the house and, under expert tuition, produce some truly stunning results.

121with an Interior Design Expert

The professional eye can quickly identify a style that can suit the seeker’s taste and budget and then suggest the perfect combinations to liven up any living space.

In the US, interior design for the masses has quickly caught on and more Americans than ever are tapping into online home design expertise, yet in the UK, little has changed. A quick-hit of design advice can prove inspirational, but instead of that expertise costing thousands of pounds, 121with’s platform can offer Providers who charge by the minute, not by the size of the property!

The Seeker is always in control, setting the budget and the length of the 121with call so everything is crystal clear with no nasty surprises at the end. The world we know uses video to connect, tell stories and share ideas so why shouldn’t redesigning your home be an option?

You could do one room at a time (if there are more than one) and go at a pace that suits your pocket. And you won’t find better value. One UK firm offering remote design has a three-tier option of design advice starting at £250 and peaking at £800 – all for the same service as a 121with interior design expert can provide.

Dulux offer a £75 video consultation that includes a 3D rendered image of what your room could look like in certain colours, but these offerings can only take you so far. The truth is, a trained eye can offer so much more and for the designer, there’s no time wasted travelling back and forth and becoming embroiled in endless discussions with the homeowner.

In short, remote advice is just as effective. It’s just that much more affordable and convenient.