London, 11September 2017: Recently launched know-how platform 121with – – has developed a marketplace for know-how from which small businesses (SMEs) can source various business guidance, ranging from legal advice, HR consultancy, IT support, business coaching through to SEO, digital marketing, and design/branding.

SMEs can find and connect to this diverse range of know-how from experts with relevant knowledge via the 121with marketplace. 121with is making it very simple for SMEs to access this help and advice all from one place – through the 121with platform.

This knowledge and guidance comes from well-reputed, experienced experts – or ‘Providers’ – who SMEs can have instant video-call sessions with, from the convenience of wherever they are located via their smart phone, tablet or laptop. The call is charged at a per-minute rate, set by the Provider.

The Know-how Provider – the person providing the knowledge can answer quick queries or can provide detailed expertise on a multitude of various issues and topics, segmented by the stage of the business lifecycle they are at. From the ‘seed and development’ stage through to ‘exit planning’, SMEs can seek the right level of advice from Providers of relevant know-how.

There are various situations where an SME finds itself in need of expertise, often ‘then and there’; be it on how to fund a pre start-up idea, how to create a visible presence on the internet via SEO implementation or simply getting some ongoing financial advice.

Using 121with, small businesses are able to access help and advice from one place. Know-how Providers have a wide range of knowledge and experience – SMEs can have instant video-call sessions with a person with the right knowledge, wherever they are located via their smart phone, tablet or laptop. The call is charged at a per-minute rate, set by the Provider.

The Providers will charge at a pay-per-minute rate and at a time that suits the SME seeking advice – the ‘Seeker’. A profile is free to create and, video calling being as ever-increasingly popular and accessible as it is now, it enables the benefits of a live conversation through which issues can be addressed and solved, instead of the Seekers having to watch a recorded tutorial with no chance of discussion.

The 121with platform maximises time efficiency and reduces costs that can, to a small business or entrepreneur, make all the difference. 121with Co-founder Alex Valentine comments:

“Unlike generic and pre-recorded video tutorials on YouTube, 121with is exploiting the interactive and personalised benefits that live video delivers. In turn, 121with enables know-how to be shared at a much better cost to traditional routes – with cost savings to both ‘Seeker’ and ‘Provider’.”

Please contact for any further information or to arrange an interview with the 121with founders.

Claire Florey
PR Consultant
7943 774236