Hi Tim, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I graduated as a veterinary surgeon in 2002. Having grown up on a family farm and having been surrounded animals all of my life, there was only one career choice for me! Since graduating, I have worked throughout the UK & Ireland with all species, types and breeds of animals. I have gained huge experience during this time and absolutely love working with animals. I also have worked in the animal welfare sector and in drug development.

What prompted you to sign up to 121with?

When I first heard about 121with I was very curious to see how it actually worked! After some telephone calls with the developers, I clearly saw the vision and actual need for such a service. I could immediately see how the service would help pets, their owners and vets to all get the best results in the most efficient way. So as vet and pet owner myself, this was something I was very excited about and immediately signed up to 121with.

What consultant services do you offer on the platform?

I am happy to discuss all owner queries on animal health issues, animal medicines and anything that may be of concern about their beloved pet. We have a world of information around us, and using this platform I would like to share as much of it with pet owners as I can.

How do you see the Veterinary community using 121with?

I have no doubt that vets will embrace this service as it has proven to be highly successful in other industries also. It will allow vets to maximise their time at work as queries & follow up reviews which do not require a time consuming slot can be satisfactorily dealt with by 121with.I believe that it will also strengthen vet –customer relationships as it”s a very efficient communication channel.

What advantages do you see to video consultations and telemedicine for the sector?

People have busy lives these days, and we all try to use our time as best we can. This allows us to achieve more as a result. By introducing telemedicine and video consultations to the veterinary sector, it will ensure that both concerned pet owners and vets are using their time in the most efficient way. This way, the best decisions can be made for our animals together.

Given the success of Babylon Health, Push Doctor, and GP at Hand in the UK GP sector, do you think video call technology is an inevitable adaption that needs to be taken on-board by the veterinary sector?

Absolutely it is. When we benchmark ourselves against other industries change inevitably follows when it is customer driven. In this case, customers want to achieve a successful outcome to their pet concerns in the least invasive & most efficient manner. This can be achieved using 121 with and it”s arrival to the sector is inevitable in my opinion. This is why I have become involved.

Where do you see the benefits for the owners in the Small Pet Market of using 121with?

Owners will benefit in having all their queries & concerns responded to in a very efficient manner. Regardless of the concern, the appropriate advise will be given and this peace of mind is often immeasurable at times. Owners will also benefit from not having to travel to the veterinary clinic un-necessarily. This ensures that both owners, vets & pets all are using their time effectively.

Same question for the Vets serving the domestic market?

A work life balance has never been more important for vets than it is today. With increased commercialisation, it is critical that vet practises are profitable for survival. Delivering the best patient care and most impactful results within the working day should be the objective of every practitioner. A service such as 121with, which filters non critical from essential visits, can streamline the inflow of patients to a clinic. This will allow vets to focus on the essential cases which are more time resourceful throughout the working day.

Are there other areas that you would like to see 121with push into?

I see plenty of demand in the equine sector for such a service. Horse owners often need some veterinary guidance which can resolve many concerns.
I also believe that farmers would benefit from this service, and in particular those in more remote locations where travel and time are significant barriers.