Clare Freeman, an ex-fund manager in the corporate sector, turned life-coach and yogi, is now available via the 121with platform for video and audio calls to give sessions as an expert on both topics blended together, at a pay-per-minute rate. She hopes to impart her special combination of the two practices which come directly from personal experience when, during her fast-paced City lifestyle, she was overwhelmed by stress and anxiety and decided to seek change.

After completing a postgraduate counselling course at the University of Edinburgh and her yoga teacher training in Bali, she uses the two practices in conjunction with one another and intends to share her knowledge and experience with those who may also be seeking change in their lives. Initially she uses the calming, meditative practices of yoga where her participants are led away from the stresses of the day into a state of deep relaxation to then use the achieved state of mental clarity to discuss issues that her life-coaching experience can provide guidance on.

Any talent, skill or area of expertise is usable via the 121with platform as it looks to connect people, via the convenience of video and audio calling, who are looking for help or advice in a particular area (the ‘Seeker’) with those who can provide knowledge or assistance in said area (the ‘Provider’). Clare is therefore perfectly placed to advise others on her two specialisms but the platform is open to anyone with knowhow in any area – fitness, wine tasting, accountancy, parental advice to name a few examples.

A 121with profile is free to create and the instant billing system eradicates the need to chase up invoices and outstanding payments as this is all handled, immediately after the call, by 121with’s third party payment provider Stripe.

Clare comments “121with is the ideal platform to help others who are, just like I was, looking for some guidance in life. Yoga and coaching made such a huge difference to my outlook on life that I want to help others find the same clarity I did and the instantaneous nature of video calling means there’s no more excuses. They can start that process of change right now – they don’t even have to leave home!”