Dave’s Journey to Becoming a Business & Life Coach


David Bentley - Business & Life CoachFew would disagree that David Bentley is an inspiring figure for anyone who doubts they can overcome whatever hurdles life can throw at you.

London-based David Bentley, founder of Optimise Your Funnel, overcame physical disabilities as a child to develop a successful career in business and life coaching – something he now offers via live tutorials.

On his personal website, he is promising to maximise the incomes of Consultants, Experts, or Business Owners by helping design strategies to double or even triple their online revenue over the next 12 months.

Impressive, but that’s not the real story.


David Bentley was born with a disability that severely affected movement on the right side of his body, causing involuntary movement and loss of balance.

In his younger years, he was bullied on a daily basis at school, leading to a crossroad in his life where he either hid away, or fought back. He chose the latter.

“I was physically assaulted, humiliated and mentally bullied, Every day was a challenge. I was laughed and girls were embarrassed to be around me. It destroyed what little self-esteem I had and made me wonder if a girl could ever like someone like me, or if I could ever achieve what I wanted in life.”

“My experiences as a disabled child made me feel like I had a different perspective than my friends; a perspective that was observant and more than just following the status quo. I believe it was this perspective that guided me on a different path.”

“I had to believe there was a better life for me as an adult, and I transferred this pain from my childhood into energy and motivation, which drove me to pursue my ultimate goals.”

Now a successful entrepreneur, David Bentley is keen to share his knowledge and skills with people who may need it the most. Using the new digital platform 121with, he is offering life coaching, business coaching and also to coach life coaches!

“I was determined not to be a victim. I started my first company at the age of 19 – a web development company. I taught myself everything I needed to know, and within weeks I was out selling to companies, and since created five other businesses. Six years later, I’m running my third company with three partners, two of whom I met while travelling. I’ve also been in digital marketing for more than 10 years and a coach for the last three.”

“I’m extremely passionate about coaching and helping my clients to achieve amazing results. I am able to connect with my heart and come from a place of love when working with my clients. It sounds a bit fanciful, I know but this supports them in a way that is transforming their lives and it’s amazing to see and be a part of. “

On his business coaching, David Bentley promises to create a winning online revenue plan or optimise current online revenue strategy for maximum profits in just 45 minutes. He is already getting some great results.



He continues…

“Regarding business, I understand the digital landscape for coaches and know how it is to support them in the following areas: closing sales; charging more; lead generation; marketing; business growth and even how best to talk about themselves.”

“I feel lucky that I do what I do and that I’m also a musician and an empowerment coach. It’s all about belief and having goals and I can get people get to where they want to be, no matter who they are.”

David Bentley has since become a ‘Provider’ on newly-launched UK platform 121with, offering his services via live video sessions that are charged by the minute.

He said:

“I chose 121with so I could share my know-how and life skills with anyone who wanted to follow a similar path. It’s already proving a wise decision, with the 121with platform growing rapidly.”

“I like the fact that they offer all kinds of skills and know-how to people who want their services. It means that if someone is disabled but highly skilled in a particular area, they can offer their knowledge on a level playing field via live video.”

“It’s a fantastic idea and opens a whole new landscape for so many people, able bodied, disabled or whatever.

“I’m classed as a 121with Provider in one area of expertise, but I will soon be creating another profile – beat boxing! I’ve now been practicing for ten years, have performed onstage in more than 15 countries in front of tens of thousands of people, simply by asking for the opportunity to do so. I’m expecting a few 121withs from upcoming beatboxers over the next few months!”

121with co-founder and Managing Director Alex Valentine said:

“David is the perfect example of somebody who has numerous talents to offer and exactly the sort of ambassador we wanted to join our army of Providers. Unlike generic and pre-recorded video tutorials on YouTube, 121with is exploiting the interactive and personalised benefits that live video delivers. In turn, 121with enables know-how to be shared at a fraction of the cost to traditional routes.”

“For example, a plumber will usually charge a rounded-up hourly rate for a call out, yet often the problem is fixed in much less than an hour. If the issue is minor, advice and instructions can now be given via 121with to easily resolve the issue and will cost a fraction of the call-out fee.”

121with also offers the opportunity for a whole new army of know-how providers who are experts in their chosen field but have never had the chance to share their knowledge on such an innovative stage before. Whether everyday practical or niche, there are a legion of talented folk out there who can advise on everything from simple plumbing solutions that could save fortunes, to academics and undiscovered genius.

121with can empower talent that others will benefit from – mothers, fathers, self-employed who work from home, retirees or anyone who has a wealth of experience and knowledge just waiting to be tapped into. The opportunities are endless to anyone imparting or receiving knowledge, for both business and personal reasons.

121with will be the platform that brings everything together.