121with wasn’t just hatched out of a whim. A kind of ‘Hey, how about people contact each other and exchange advice, skills and whatnot using video?’ whim. No sir. We did extensive research into the way people are communicating, how we’re all using social media and where the trends were pointing.And guess what? All roads led to video.It’s fair to say that video is taking over the online world and changing how businesses and marketing companies work forever.

In today’s world, everything is fast-paced, immediate and there’s very much a ‘want it yesterday’ type demand to everything we do.Nobody wants to wait anymore – and, more to the point, why should they? Life is short and why hang around wasting time when you can get things done pretty much anything on demand.So by creating a legion of ‘Providers’ and a legion of people wanting their knowledge – ‘Seekers’ in 121with’s world, we are doing our bit to connect the planet and help things move along just that bit quicker.

But we’re proud that in our world, nobody gets left out.Our platform is for one and all and where certain areas of technology bolt away like a runaway horse, our stable doors are secure.The retired plumber who has 30 years or more of knowledge – an expert in every sense of the word – but maybe feeling a little redundant in some ways – bored even – but given a new lease of life via 121with. Now he can field calls, use his expertise and make money in the process – and all from his back garden if he so chooses, sipping iced tea.

On the flipside, the ‘Seeker’ gets their problem solved – or at least identified if it can’t be fixed immediately – at a fraction of the usual call-out cost and you can bet that most of the issues will be easily solved with one simple call.And what about new mums or those who have decided to put their career on the backburner to raise their kids? We know a very talented presenter who became disenchanted with leaving her baby daughter with childminders and so gave up her job to take on a more freelance role.

She’s excited because she’s planning a whole new life with 121with, teaching presenting skills, showing people how to interview and a whole host of other tips and practical advice for budding presenters to absorb.It’s all about accessibility, immediacy and expert know-how but at affordable cost at a time and location that suits the user.

Welcome to our world!