Do you have a Broken appliance?

Here are a few simple steps to getting your appliance repaired:

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    , add your payment card, and have a 1-2-1 video call with one of our experts. We can help you fix the issue in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost of an engineer call out.
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    If your problem can't be fixed over the 121 video call, we can call you back to arrange a fixed fee repair from one of our highly experienced engineers.
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    And we will take the cost of the 121 video call off your fixed price repair bill - a great deal all round.


Common Problems we can help with on a 121with call

  • Reset your timers and help you navigate through complicated digital control panels.
  • Troubleshoot the obvious (and the not so obvious) with you to make sure you don't pay for an engineer needlessly.
  • Help you pinpoint what's wrong with your appliance.
  • Give advice on the best course of action to get your broken appliance back up and running.
  • Rental or holiday let appliance nightmare? - let us get things back on track.
  • Help with leaks, seals, uncompleted cycles and locked doors on your washing machine.
  • Fix issues with temperature control, ice build ups, and water leaks from your fridge.
  • Help you resolve power to your appliance problems safely.
  • Bamboozled by the convection hob or the complicated timer in your new house - let us take a look and help you out.

  • £2.00/min

  • £2.00/min

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Go Assist

Appliance Repair Specialists, Across the UK

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We are one of the leading Appliance Repair Specialists in the UK. If you have ever been unlucky enough to experience your home appliances breaking, then you know the frustration it can cause. Not only are appliances crucial to the household and need to be repaired quickly, it can be difficult to find reliable engineers who won’t rip you off with an unexpected bill. Go Assist was created to serve this growing demand, and we are partnering with 121with to provide customers with an easy to u...more
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