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There are many helpful tips out there, but sometimes you want someone to take you through them step by step. Access Public relations(PR) consultants through 121with who can manage the issue and minimise or prevent reputation damage.

Your reputation and awareness will soar and with PR and SEO being so integrated today, that amazing article on an online media platform – such as the bbc.co.uk or TechCrunch – will make your website even more powerful in relevant Google searches. 

Creating a profile on 121with gives you access to an online marketplace where you can find the right PR and Marketing expert for you. Simply arrange a 1-2-1 video call from the comfort of your own home, or even when you are on the go through the 121with app. Our experts are waiting for your call!  

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Are you a PR and Marketing expert? Can you help to establish and maintain relationships between a business, their target audience and the press? 121with offers you a new way to earn money and help your Seekers through instant pay, live video calls.

You can deliver PR and Marketing advice from home in a flexible and convenient way that works for you.

By creating a profile on the 121with platform, you’ll be part of our online marketplace where you can be discovered by our 121with Seekers – people looking for the knowledge and expertise you can offer.


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PR & Digital Marketing, London

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