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Are you looking for a diagnosis for your pet but don't think it warrants an expensive trip to the Vets? Looking for some advice on training your dog from a top trainer? Thinking of buying a pet for the kids and want some clear advice on the best breeds and providers?
Create a profile on 121with and get access to an online marketplace where you can find the right expert for you. Simply search and find the best expert, connect and arrange a 1-2-1 video call. Speak to them via the website or on the iOS and Android Apps. 121with is an easy to use Pay-per-Minute service meaning that you are only charged for the time you spend getting the help and advice you need.

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Are you a Vet or can give expert advice to pet owners? 121with offers you a new way to earn through online video help and advice.

You can deliver online pay-per-minute Veterinary video support and advice from the surgery or at home via the website and apps in a convenient and felxible way that works for you. 

By creating a profile on the 121with platform, you’ll be part of our online marketplace where you can reach out and connect with pet owners looking for expert advice and help.


Dr Matt Bayliss MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon, Stoke on Trent

  • Offline

Matt is an experienced Veterinary Surgeon with a demonstrated history of working in the veterinary industry. He is skilled in Veterinary Medicine, Surgery, and Customer Service. He is a strong healthcare services professional with a BVSc MRCVS in Veterinary Medicine from University of Liverpool.

Matt runs a small animal locum veterinary surgeon striving for quality.

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