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121with is the Market Place for Know-how When You Need It. Have a 121with a Yoga Instructors and get Online Yoga classes

Yoga is one of the UK’s fastest-growing practices of achieving spiritual, physical and mental well-being.

The ancient method of relieving stress via breath control and simple meditation through the adoption of specific body postures with help from yoga experts, has dramatically increased the popularity of yoga as a physical panacea to today’s pressurised, high-tech, fast-paced world. So why not use your tech to find a yoga instructor who can help alleviate some of the stress, pressure and strain of working life.

A 121with Yoga Instructors is the perfect way to learn specific techniques in the comfort of your own surroundings and at a time that is convenient. 

Calling all Yoga Instructors & Those With Valuable Yoga Skills to Teach Others

Share Your Know-how With Those Also Interested in Practising Yoga. Find New Clients With a Passion for Learning Yoga

Do you teach yoga? Are you at qualified expert or instructor?

121with can help you earn extra income by becoming one of our Providers and by using our platform, introduce you to our 121with Seekers – people looking online for the expertise you can offer via their smart devices.

With a definite shift away from picture and pre-recorded video tutorials, customers are keen to have live engagement with their experts. We believe the opportunity to impart yoga teaching and advice via live video on 121with will appeal to all yoga experts.

You may run your own classes, be a personal tutor or just someone who teaches classes having learned the art through years of practice – whatever your story, if you can share your yoga expertise, you can also earn extra money from your know-how.

Bespoke fitness programs, advice and tuition via live video calls, interactive tutorials are starting to become the expectation from customers who want to be able to have access to expertise beyond their postcode.

121with is the market place for know-how delivered by online video.


Clare Freeman

Life Coach Yoga teacher, London

  • Online

Clare is a devoted & approachable life coach & yoga instructor with a real passion for improving peoples lives. After having a high flying career in fund management, Clare began to feel anxious & overwhelmed with every day life. After putting a lot of her focus into her physical & mental health through yoga & coaching, her life became completely re-designed.

Leaving London behind, Clare began yoga teacher training in Bali & began developing her desire to help...more

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