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I am an experienced coach, mentor and trainer who specialises in working with professionals who need to develop key skills for a successful career.

My personal mix of experience is quite unique. I have been the in-house head of Innovation and Development in a global company; a senior strategist in international consulting firms and an advisor and coach to hundreds of startups, scale-ups and SMEs.

Whatever your role or industry, my focus will be on you as an individual. On how you can develop the strategy and skills to become better at what you do.

There's a principle called ‘The Law of the Lid’, which states that a business can only grow as fast as its leader can develop their leadership capacity, where the ‘lid’ is on their potential. You cannot grow a business beyond your *own* capacity to grow.

Which means that your own development - especially of the strategic business skills that take you beyond day-to-day operations and efficiency - is essential to business success, especially in a working environment where support may be limited.

Game Skills Match is the umbrella organisation that offers professionals support and guidance to gain new skills and knowledge.

On 121with

I can work with you on many areas of personal entrepreneurial expertise that determine how effective you are at running and growing your business.

These could be areas for development within your own approach, such as Resilience, Time Management, Establishing Work/Life Balance, Focus & Attention, Emotional Intelligence, Communication & Storytelling.

Or they could be more strategic business skills such as Visioning, Road Mapping/Strategic Planning, Business Model Innovation, Value Proposition design, developing Team & Management Structures and Delegation.

Depending on what's best for you, I can work via video or one-to-one audio calls. I am based in London but have worked with professionals all over the world. I am completely flexible about working with you virtually and am completely confident that I can make it work for you.

I work quickly and am very intuitive, which means I can quickly get to the heart of the issue or issues that keep you awake at night - meaning we can spend most of your available time developing strategies, behaviours and tools that will make tangible and immediate improvements.

For me the optimum length for a session is one hour. However, I will consider 30 minute or 45 minute sessions if I think we can make some real progress on your needs in that time.

I will utilise IM as well as the video and audio tools provided by 121with.

You can find out more about Game Skills Match at @GameSkillsMatch on Twitter and Facebook.

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