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I started KEXINO after having been dissatisfied with pretty much every marketing agency I’d hired.

You see, for seven years I was sitting on the other side of the table. I was Worldwide Director of Marketing for a software company, looking for marketing partners who gave a damn about what we were doing, and were willing to make the investment in really understanding our business. What I ended-up with were suppliers offering a cookie-cutter approach, producing “pretty pictures” but who didn’t seem to care (let along be held partly responsible) for tangible business outcomes.

Of course a creative approach is important. But to me, any marketing company worth its salt has to measure the success of their work against SALES - not vanity metrics like winning awards, column inches or number of retweets. Most agencies don’t do that - they just want to take your money without any responsibility for the impact to the bottom-line.

At KEXINO we're business enablers - we provide the tools and expertise for startups and small businesses looking to make a difference. Our role is to help organizations best position themselves in the minds of their customers to remain relevant and credible in an ever-changing commercial environment.

However the way we do that, and the over-reaching processes we use to get there, are very different to most marketing companies. For example, we won’t take on a new client unless every single one of us truly believes and can get excited about the product or services the client is selling. Why? Because there’s a danger we’ll end up simply going through the motions and not produce the best possible outcome.

On 121with

Unless your business is marketing you don't know how to market you business. I will act as a mentor, confidant, and soundboard. We'll discuss the challenges your business is facing, together with possible remedies that meet your business goals - and budget.

At the end of our session you'll have a list of ideas and actions designed to make a tangible positive commercial difference to your business.

Plan for any call to last around an hour. Let's chat via Instant Messaging beforehand.

Want to know more? Visit https://kexino.com

Twitter: @KEXINO, LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/kexino

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