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There are a few people who think that business coaching is some kind of remedial activity, for businesses not doing so well.

Let's set you straight on that right now that right. Business coaching is NOT remedial, it’s not therapy for businesses. Business Coaching is about taking a good business and making it great
Most Business Owners are highly skilled in delivering their product or service.

They’re the same dedicated hard-working owners that don’t pay much attention to the art of running their business, which is the skill that

Increases profits
Gets more customers
Improves operational performance
Let’s you spend more time with your family or on other interests
No successful athlete would work without a coach, and over 50% of businesses worldwide recognise the value and have some form of coaching.
Andy Murray has a coach
Usain Bolt has a coach
Bill Gates has one and so does the CEO of Google
Business Coaching is not for the faint hearted or the lazy.
It’s for you if you’re already a high achiever and are interested in getting even better.
So What is coaching?

The ActionCOACH business coaching program you are about to discover is all about you becoming the most successful business owner and leader you are able to be. As we say in Action, “if you keep doing the same thing you have always done, you’ll keep getting the same result”.

Actually sometimes the market changes around you and you won’t even keep getting the same result! So our coaching program is all about working with you to be the best, while also being in a position to enjoy your life. A large part of this process is about forming good habits, commitment, leadership and getting out of your comfort zone to achieve the results and success you desire. As your coach, you are paying us to help you through this process.

To Be Better means learning how.

During the program you will need to invest in yourself by growing your knowledge in many areas. Your knowledge is extremely important because it is what you base your decisions upon, and the decisions you make determine your ultimate success or failure.

You’ll need to invest in some books, videos or audio programs to help you learn what you need to know. You will most likely also need to attend seminars and workshops and help your team to grow their knowledge as well.

We encourage our clients to continue their learning program indefinitely, because growing your own knowledge is the most valuable investment you can make

On 121with

I Help you deliver the real potential in your business and I do this with a written guarantee of a return on investment for every business I work with, now how many profiles have you read that say that?
The first step to delivering the potential in your business is to accept that things will have to change to achieve high levels of growth, I specialise in helping you to discover exactly what those changes are and then helping you to implement the strategies that will deliver the positive, long-term, measurable change for your business, your people and your teams.
If you do want to get different results in your business, then here are Here’s 7 reasons why you need to get in touch right now!

1. You want Real Results in your business with a written and signed guarantee of a return on your investment.
2. You want to know how to transform your business into a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you.
3. You want a structured approach that’s simple to follow yet delivers massive results.
4. You want to know the methodology used to grow good businesses into great ones.
5. You are interested in learning how to boost your profits, gain back your time and get an amazing team.
6. You’re ambitious and still have things you want to achieve.
7. Because it costs you absolutely nothing to get in touch, nothing to have a conversation and nothing for you to find out how I can help.

Get in touch if you want to know how


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Andrew Walter

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HND Engineering
ActionCOACH Certified Coach