About Bruce McIntosh

Bruce is an innovative and experienced marketing, communications and growth professional.

His core talent is the ability to analyse and understand business needs and develop effective brand, marketing and communications solutions which drive tangible growth, including:

* Marketing and communications - strategy and implementation
* Brand strategy and proposition development. Positioning.
* Client relationship management and development
* Business development strategies
* Coaching and training.
* Creation of winning proposals, bids and tenders

He has extensive and wide ranging experience across a range of operations: from FTSE 100 corporates to growing SMEs and Public sector organisations of all size and shape.

Bruce offers tailored advice and guidance for organisations working their way through change and growth "tipping points".

On 121with

Ready to provide advice and consultancy to individuals and organisations seeking growth, effective communications and bespoke strategies for a wide range of challenges.

Whether you want to develop a comprehensive strategy, help with your marketing operations, some expert coaching - or just to run your ideas past an expert eye, I'm ready to help.

* How to develop your brand to connect with your audiences.
* Building a marketing strategy and planning how to roll it out.
* Integration - what it means for your marketing communications.
* Growing your contacts - where to source leads and make the most of them.
* Planning your marketing campaigns.
* Creating marketing tools such as your website, video, digital and print collateral.
* Making the most of events and networking.
* Presenting and giving talks with confidence
* Getting the best bang for your marketing buck - maximising your MROI.

Give me a bell if you want a chat, either to solve a quick query or talk through the options.

If you think you need more in-depth consultancy, send me your questions by email and I'll let you know what we would do to provide a solution and the costs involved.


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Bruce McIntosh

Marketing Consultant New Milton    


Business with Finance BA (Hons)
Member CIM
BTEC HND in Marketing and Communications