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Kadija is a passionate individual, very keen to provide help with digital marketing and email marketing. Able to create effective marketing plans to achieve targets, analytical minded to ensure reliability and stays up to date with changes of marketing methods on a daily basis.

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I can help you with:
Customer Journeys (Automations)
Data Capturing + Preferences
Email Marketing
Digital Media
Email Templates
Campaign Management
Digital Marketing
Content planning
Customer Care

Please feel free to contact me via free Instant Messaging before and after the call. You may also call me, direct email me.
You can find out more about on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kadija-nakhli-43046696/

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Kadija Nakhli

Email & Direct Mail Marketing Manager London    


Events Management and Advertising
Business Marketing
Computing and IT
Business Studies
AS level in Languages
Qualification in GDPR