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- Studied the veterinary career in Spain ,my home country and performed an intership there as soon as i finished the career. Worked as a self employee in Spain in the veterinary industry till i had the opportunity to come to UK for an intership place , a year later when i finished it started working as a full time veterinary surgeon.
Studied at University of Leon,Spain.
Intership with Hospital veterinario Nacho Menes ,Asturias,Spain.
Intership with Chantry vets ,Leeds,UK.
Working at the moment as a full time vet in Vets4pets Nottinghamshire .
I have been performing loads of courses since graduated helping myself keep learning after finishing the career. Main courses done in internal medicine ,rabbit medicine and emergencies.

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I have passion for animals since i was a little kid , i like talking to clients and explain all possible diagnostics,i have loads of patience and can be contacted via email at any time giving me time to prepare leaflets with possible diagnostics and send them to the owners ,so when we chat online will be much easier to explain and to understand.
I have most of the weekends free, wednesdays and tuesday mornings for video chatting,if is an urgent case i can get time at any point of the day for a video chat.

My consult fee would be 9 pounds, depending if prescription is needed or loads of information are needed to send consult total costs could go up to 14 pounds.
I am happy to answer any email and arrange a video call when needed with no extra costs.

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Cristina Santaeugenia Alvarez

Veterinary surgeon Nottingham    


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Mrcvs ,registered veterinary surgeon , 4year experience