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My name is Katie, and I am a small animal Veterinary Surgeon with over five years' experience in first opinion practice. I love my job, and I am extremely passionate about ensuring that both my patients and their owners receive the best service. I also have an extra qualification (Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice), which means that I have passed additional exams in Small Animal Internal Medicine. I truly believe in good communication and explaining things properly.

On 121with

I am able to discuss a variety of conditions, and will be happy to briefly answer questions via free Instant Messaging prior to consultation. From long term management of skin and gastrointestinal/stomach issues, to general pet care.

Avoid the minefield of search engine responses, and receive professional, reliable advice.

I have previously been a keen competitor in agility and flyball with my dogs for over 10 years, and canine sports medicine has been a keen side interest of mine.

I will always stress that this is no replacement for a full veterinary examination and consultation, but I can discuss options and answer questions. In genuine emergencies, it is advised to contact your veterinary emergency service provider.

Calls will likely start at around 5-10minutes in length, more chronic conditions may well end up over 30minutes in length.

*Please note that online and video consultations are not a replacement for veterinary examination and consultation. Generalised advice is given, no responsibility can be taken as an expert for the outcome of a case.

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Katie Ford

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